Plan for some seriously good times!

I just reviewed Tripadvisor’s list of the 15 Best Things to Do in Huntington

Ignore Trip Advisor When Visiting
Trip Advisors top three offerings for the area. Two of which you won’t find anywhere in my top 15!

Ignore Trip Advisor.

I’m not sure who put their list together or what algorithm they used but I would strongly urge you to IGNORE it!  It makes the Huntington area look rather boring.

Yes, there are a few interesting things on that list that are good but if you’re looking for Fun Things to Do in Huntington the Tripadvisor list is NOT it.

Thus, I have created my own list of the 15 Best Things to Do in Huntington. 

You tell me if my list is better then the one created by a computer at Tripadvisor whose headquarters is located in Massachusetts.

Seriously, send me an email and let me know what you think. I’m interested.

My list is in no particular order.  All of these things are cool and fun to do! 

Plus, you can do the things on this list almost all year-round. My list is also family friendly so you can take research without having to read about all the great bars in town. That’s another list for another day, I promise!

Drum Roll, Please…

Grape Ice Cream
My girl at Austins.
Play video games at Quicksilver
Play really cool old school games at Quicksilver.
Get your canvas and paint
My wife working a canvas to create something great!
The Huntington Museum of Art has the best hiking trails.
Come us the Battle Guns
The Battlearium is the only place like it in West Virginia.
Lost Room's are all the rage. Try the one in Huntington
Solve the hard puzzles at the Lost Escape Room in downtown Huntington.
Throw an AXE in Huntington for the win
Learn to throw an AXE!
Pottery Place is a Good Time
There is something really relaxing about making something at Pottery Place.
GR8R Gaming is amazing!
This place is legit awesome!
Hot Dog Tour in Huntington
Visit all the great Hot Dog establishments in the area in one trip.
Board and Brush - 15 Best Things
Your author rocking it at Board and Brush!
Practice your 2nd amendment rights at Bare Arms in Huntington
No idea how to shoot? They will teach you!
Disc golf at Barboursville Park on the back 9
Huntington has great courses you can play for free!
Floating in Huntington
It is rare to find a place like this outside of a major metropolitan area.
A walk through history
Done right a visit to Heritage Farm can be a fantastic experience!

This list could go on and on and on…

For your use, I wrote an article call the 100 Things in Huntington You Should Do Before You Die.  Make sure to read it. 

I’ve also created a document that lists all the really entertaining things to do in the Huntington area and the costs associated with doing each.  Make sure to download that document.  It will help make your time in Huntington worthwhile.