About Us

A Family Business
For the Love of Play

Dear Friend and Customer,

Our family decided to start this business because we love activity and sports. We played Archery Tag in Cincinnati for our son’s 10th birthday in 2019 and simply fell in love with the game and the idea of a gaming arena where good old fashioned combat takes the day.

If You Want Entertainment Play Archery Wars
Our son playing Archery Tag on his 10th birthday in Cincinnati.

If you want entertainment

Think of the Battlearium as your home for good times, laughs, and real fun in the Huntington and Tri-State area! Come down and enjoy the arena, and have a blast doing foam dart battles, tactical laser tag, or arrow wars! Our skilled staff will train all players before you play. We have all the safety gear and weapons you need. You can even bring your own nerf guns (no mods please).

The Battlearium is perfect for birthday parties, team-building activities, bachelor(ette) parties, and corporate events!

Perfectly Located

We are located in the heart of downtown Huntington and surround by some of the best food establishments in the area. Seriously – you have to check out Backyard Pizza, Peddler, 21 Club, all the shops at the Market and Pullman Square. There is even a Starbucks across the street—exactly 52 steps from our front door. You can walk around the corner and get cupcakes at Paula Vegas. For the healthy types with you, visit Butter it Up and get a bullet proof coffee or some healthy grub. If you want more entertainment, you can walk to the Movie Theatre, QuickSilver Arcade, and the Pottery Place in like 45 seconds (if you’ve got a little hop in your step).

Come and experience the downtown vibe and join us for some good old fashioned fun. We aim to make sure you have a great time!


Cari Burck – Owner

P.S. Because I now answer so many questions about the Battlearium, I want to make sure to ask you to read the article , “Everything You Need to Know” so you can best plan you time with us.

Minimum Age to Play at Battlearium
Minimum Age to Play at Battlearium

We have a minimum age to play requirement in the arena. In order to play Foam Dart Battles (AKA Nerf), we have a strict requirement that players be at the youngest 5 years old. We ask parents to sign a legal waiver showing their children are 5 or older. For Tactical Laser Tag and Arrow Wars, we require players to…

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