How to Plan Your Party at Battlearium.

We LOVE to host Birthday Parties at Battlearium.  In fact, that’s why we started this business.

Our family drove to Cincinnati for our son’s 10th birthday and took him to Archery Arena and then to Dave and Busters.  It was a blast! 

10TH birthday trip
Our Son in Cincinnati for His 10th Party!

We found ourselves talking on the way back about why we couldn’t have an arena in Huntington. We did our research and put together Battlearium.  Our hope is that you will choose us for your Birthday Parties.  We want to make your experience FANTASTIC!  Every kid deserves to have at least one legendary party that is remembered and talked about for years to come.

What’s it Cost?

The cost to have a birthday party at the Battlearium is a minimum $180. This gets you 10 players in the arena, all the equipment, a referee, and the party room for 50 minutes AFTER your time in the arena. Additional players are $15 each. So plan big! We’ve had parties with 20 to 30 players before. You can book your birthday party at the end of this article OR book your party right now on our Book Now page.

If you have a big party, please give us a call at 304.208.8057 and we can help you make the arrangements.

How Our Birthday Parties Work

The best scenario for your birthday party is to have a group of 10 or more people play in our arena.  When you book a party of 10 people or more, you also get our party room for 50 minutes AFTER you play in the arena.

You can do a birthday party with less than 10 people, the only difference is you pay a little more per player and you don’t get the party room. To do this go to our Book Now page and choose Small Group.

The party room seats 32 people comfortably.  You can bring your decorations, table clothes, and your own food.  Make it your own room for your time in it. 

Do note that you are only paying for the people who play in the arena.  Everyone else who comes to the party is just a guest, and we don’t charge people who just come to watch.

Now there are a few things you need to know about the way we work our party room.  If you book on a busy day, there will most likely be another group in the party room while you’re group plays in the arena.  We have a table in the lobby you can use to organize your food and presents while you wait for the party room to open up.  The group in the party room will leave 10 minutes before your group exits the arena. 

This gives our staff time to clean the party room and gives you a window to set up your food, birthday cakes, and decorations.  Yes, the window is small, but don’t worry.  We’ve been doing this for 2 years now and everyone makes it work. We ask that you work with us on this transition and help make it happen.

We do have a 2 hour party option that is available that gives your group 2 hours in the arena and 50 minutes in the party room.  This would give you access to the party room much earlier.

Book Your Party

The first thing you need to do is pick a day and time for your party and then see if we have a spot available.  You can do that online OR by calling/texting 304.208.8057.  We recommend you book your Birthday Parties online. We have made it really easy.  You can even check out availability at the end of this post.

Plan Your Time in the Party Room

Once you have secured your time in the arena, start thinking about your time in the party room.  How are you going to decorate?  We have found that those who come really prepared get all their decorations up really fast.

What food are you going to serve?  We don’t provide food, plates or silverware – just the room. We do sell coke products in cans. 

Most people like to serve pizza for their Birthday Parties.  All the local pizza joints deliver and there are two pizza places within a block of Battlearium.  Make sure to Google Pizza in downtown Huntington.  You will get a good listing of pizza places from which you can order. 

Adult Birthday Party Room
Some Birthday Parties Go Fancy at Battlearium.
Plan your next few Birthday Parties at Battlearium
You Bring Your Food and Decorations.

Get Your Groups Waivers Signed

Making sure everyone in your group arrives with a signed waiver is probably the most important thing you can do as the host of a birthday party.  The link to our waiver is available on our home page at www.Battlearium.com.  Our recommendation is that you text our website to each parent and ask them to fill out the waiver on the home page. 

Sign Your Waiver to Play
Make Sure to Sign Your Waiver!

Know the Rules

Please make sure to read the rules for playing at the Battlearium. It is really important that all the people coming understand the rules.  You have to agree to them when you sign the waiver but knowing them helps make sure everyone stepping into our building and our arena stays safe.

The other thing that we ask is that you don’t let those in your party run wild in our waiting area.  A lot of times kids come and they’re sooooo excited to play they can’t help themselves.  The more you can help with this the better.  We don’t like to tell kids to settle down or not throw darts or wrestle or fight.

We also ask that once you’re party goes into the party room that you stay in the party room unless you’re using the bathroom or getting your picture taken on the “Throne of Games.” 

A exit door to the sidewalk is available from the party room. 

The reason we ask you to stay in the party room is that some kids get bored with the cake, food, and present opening and go out into the lobby and play. 

Please help us make sure they stay with you and enjoy the party.

Entering the Battlearium
Our Lobby!

In the Era of COVID19

Here are a couple of things we ask that you follow related to the current pandemic. These are general courtesies you should follow:

  • If you’re sick or think you might be sick, don’t come!
  • Please don’t come if you are immune compromised!
  • If you’re in that age bracket that is particularly susceptible to COVID19, please wear a facemask or choose not to come.
  • We ask that you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after you play. This is your responsibility. Please do it for your safety.
  • Our games are naturally socially distanced.
  • We clean and sanitize all the equipment after each group plays. We’ve always done this and we are tenacious about it. We hate going places that don’t practice good hygiene.
  • We don’t require you to wear a face covering. The reason for this is you probably can’t physically wear one while you play. Very few people can last an hour in the arena with a mask over their face. If you want to wear one while you play, please do. If you want to require your party to wear them, please do. You will need to police your group.
  • We do ask you to agree to a few questions in your waiver stating that you’re COVID free to the best of your knowledge.
Archery Wars at the Battlearium is Fun for Everyone
Our Games are Naturally Distanced!

Book Your Birthday Parties

Thank You for Considering Battlearium for Your Birthday Parties!