Pick-Up Games (Small Group Registration)

Sat., Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu., Fri., Sun.
1 hour

We allow pick-up games for times not booked by larger groups. Pick-up games are considered times not booked by a group or booked by a group smaller than 10 people. A minimum of 4 people is required to start a Pick-up game. Pick-up games can be whatever the first group of 4 to lock down the time wants to play. NOTE: YOUR BOOKING HAS TO BE APPROVED. MAKE SURE TO CALL 304.208.8057 AFTER YOU BOOK TO CONFIRM YOUR TIME.

Other considerations

THINGS WE WANT YOU TO KNOW 1. Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time. This is especially true if you have a party. None of your guests are going to show up on time – count on it! Tell them to show up 20 minutes earlier than you want them to show up. Our games start and end on the hour. Be ready for your hour in the arena so you get the max time possible. 2. Sign your waiver online before you come. Share the link with people whom you have invited. It will save you a lot of time. 3. WEAR SNEAKERS! A lot of people have been coming in wearing Crocs and other forms of sandals. Wear the kind of shoes you would wear if you were playing in a sporting event. Do not show up in boots, crocs, high heals, etc. 4. Read the rules at Battlearium.com and share them with the people you are bringing. The referee’s at the Battlearium really don’t like getting people in trouble for breaking the rules.