2 Hour Bookings

2 Hours in the Arena (10 or More People)

Plan two hours in the arena! Pick the games you want to play for each hour. You can play the same game for two hours or you can play one game for one hour and do another game in the second hour. Example: Play Arrow Wars in your first hour and Dodgeball in your second. Make sure you have a group of 10 people or more when you choose the 2 Hour Booking option. Lock in your time and let’s play!

Important Steps to Follow:

Step 1: Select Your Date Below

Step 2: Pick Your Game(s) Below

Step 3: Find an Open Time Below

Step 4: Enter Your Information and Click Continue…

Sign Your Waiver Before You Play – Like Right Now!

We ask that everyone who comes signs their waiver before they arrive. We do have several kiosks in the building where you can sign a waiver, but we have found over the last few years that people who sign their waivers early get in the arena faster and make the most of their full hour.