Combat Archery, Archery Wars, and Archery Dodgeball.  Choose your name.  The game is basically the same.

Come and Play Combat Archery with Us!

Are you looking for something a little more intense to fill your downtime?  Maybe you’re looking to pick up a new competitive sport.  Now you can.  Come to the Battlearium and learn to play Archery Wars with us. 

We call it Archery Wars.  Most of are friends know it by other names like Archery Tag, Combat Archery, and Archery Dodgeball. 

Whatever you want to call it, the games are still basically the same.  The recognized court size is the same.  If you’ve played before, you will recognize and be quickly familiar with our Archery Wars. 

What a Video

Teaching You How to Play

If you’ve never played, we will teach you how to play.  The game is pretty easy.  It is just like the dodgeball your teacher used to make you play in school. 

Our bows have a 25lb draw and the arrows giant foamed tips.  Give us about 15 minutes and we will have you playing like a champ.  Give yourself an hour and you will be making shots you never thought you could make.

The Game

Archery Wars works just like Combat Archery.  The field is split down the middle.  You run to the center to get your arrows and start shooting at the other team.  Players that are hit go out.  The last team standing wins.  There are variations like catching arrows and hitting targets that can bring your teammates back in the game. 

One Hour in the Arena

You’re invited to come the Battlearium and play in our arena.  We play for an hour.  You can come during our walk-in times or schedule a private party online.  If you have questions, give us a text/call at 304.208.8057. 

Join a Combat Archery League

We have started an Archery Wars League at the Battlearium.  You can put together a team and play OR you can just register and we will put you on a team.  There is more information about our league on a recent post we wrote called, “Archery Wars League.”

Find Out More

We have a lot of information about our version of Archery Combat on our site.  Come and see us and get a taste of what we have to offer.  You will love the adrenaline rush, activity, and fun. Make sure to register to play online or see us during our walk-in hours.