A New Game for Everyone!

Around the country people are picking up a new game. Some people call it archery tag or arrow wars or battles or whatever. The game is the same. It is like dodge ball only with a 20 or 25lb bow and fiberglass or carbon arrows with a giant foam tip.

Intensity and Fun is Our Goal

This is one of the most intense games we will ever play. It is one of the reasons we opened the Battlearium. Nothing gets your adrenaline flowing like trying to get an arrow on a bow and shoot it while arrows are raining down all around you. It makes you realize how quickly you would have died in a Mongol raid or fighting back a Roman Legion or in the face of a Native American tribe.

Watch the Video

Our version of Arrow Wars is intense.

It is fast. It is wildly fun!

Here’s what you will experience when you come to the Battlearium to play in an Arrow War. First we will teach you how to use the bow and arrow. A lot of people with archery experience find our training very helpful. It is one thing to hunt a deer or a bird with a bow. It is another to go to battle and try and shoot a bow when other people are shooting at you.

After your training you will meet your referee. Your referee will be in charge of you while you spend an hour in the arena. He/She will split you into teams and take you through a number of mini-games. Each game lasts between 3 and 6 minutes. Mini-games include regulation Archery Tag and variations of that game – in case you ever want to get serious about playing. Then the referee will run you through some games like capture the flag, catching the arrow, VIP, and others. Wear your sneakers. Plan to do a little running (not much) and a lot of dodging. Everyone says they feel it the next day. You will definitely be using muscles you’ve never used before.

Does it hurt to get hit by one of these arrows? No, not really. Imagine something throwing a leather football at you. That’s about what if feels like to get hit by an arrow in one of our games. You will feel it when you get hit but it isn’t going to leave a bruise and you will forget about it 5 seconds after it happens.

What You Should Know About Arrow Wars

Our team gets a lot of calls asking what it costs and when we are open. We answer these questions in a different post. It is easily accessed from here and we hope you will spend some more time on our site reading it.

We look forward to hosting you at the Battlearium. We definitely want to introduce you to Arrow Wars. Everyone on our team thinks this is the next best game that nobody knows about yet. Come on down, bring some friends, and let’s shoot each other with arrows.

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