This is the Cost of Entertainment in Huntington and the Region!

What’s it Cost for a Minute of Fun in the Huntington area?

The Cost of Entertainment in Huntington.  What's the cost for fun in Huntington
Download the PDF below!

A Lot of Research Went Into This Article

As you can see from the picture above, I did a lot of research on entertainment in Huntington. The picture is only a few of the entertainment businesses on the list. Please avail yourself of the full list and use it.

Download the PDF Price Sheet

Now you can Download a PDF price sheet and see a working list of fun things to do in Huntington and the surrounding areas and the cost associated all the activities.

There’s this great quote from a Rabbi — “Fun can be the dessert of our lives but never its main course.”

I think that’s the way most of us in Central Appalachia look at the options we have when we consider ways to spend our free time. The history of this area is one of people working hard to make a dollar and finding ways to stretch that dollar as far as it will go.

What Is Fun?

Catch a Movie in Downtown Huntington.  What's the Cost of Entertainment in Huntington
Going to the movies is fun, but what’s the real cost?

Entertainment is something you do when you have the extra time and money — it falls outside the time we all spend sweating and working and trying to make ends meet.

Entertainment is an opportunity to escape the everyday work routine that’s so prevalent in, and required by, our society today.

When my wife opened the Battlearium, one of the most disappointing things we heard was that it was too expensive. She worked her backside off to get the business up and running — poured her time, money (lots of money), and heart into making her idea come together. People were genuinely excited.

Then some guy on Facebook with an opinion he felt needed to be shared posted how we were just too expensive. Note: He had never played or experienced what she was selling. He just “felt” the price was too high.

So it got me thinking …

What is Too Much?

Kid at Quicksliver Playing Star Wars.  The cost of Entertainment in Huntington at Battlearium.com
My son playing a video game at QuickSilver. Free video game but I bought an $8 drink.

What does “it’s too expensive” even mean?

Thus this article was born — even though it took me about six months to make it come to fruition. What can I say, I’m a slow thinker and even slower typist, and I only find free time to write on the weekends.

My thinking behind this is to give customers who are looking for fun things to do in the Huntington area a complete list of entertainment activities and costs.

Note: This list ignores food establishments as a form of entertainment. Food and restaurants, solely as an entertainment experience, really should be documented in another list. If someone else would like to write that, I could probably get my wife, the owner of this site, to post it here for you…

Considering and then making judgments about entertainment, and how we choose to spend money on that entertainment, is probably the most subjective thing in the world.

The goal of this piece is to simply give you the facts — with a tiny bit of author color when I’m really biased about something. And my bias is not subtle.

What Do You Like?

Pottery Place is a Good Time.  Figure our the cost of entertainment in Huntington at Battlearium.com
Pottery Place is a blast!

The reality behind entertainment, and most things, really, is: What you like, I may not. What my kid likes, yours might not.

We are all just very different.

How people value things — what they believe about money and how it’s earned and spent — is always going to be unique from person to person and family to family.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate that. Different is just cool!

So now that we know we all have different opinions about what is cool, fun, exciting, or entertaining, let’s talk about pricing!

Pricing out entertainment opportunities is a challenge. The prices you pay, the time you spend, and how that opportunity is delivered is as different as different can be from business to business.


A massage by your favorite masseuse is a directed experience. You are paying someone to help you be entertained (or in this case, wildly relaxed, healed, or the like). Going to the movies is not directed. You sit on your butt and watch something for 110 minutes. How do you even compare these things? Is one of them expensive and the other not? Cost and time are the only true measurable factors. Everything else is subjective and probably wouldn’t stand up to the scrutiny of the weakest or strongest scientific evaluation. I’m not a social scientist so I don’t know. I’m just saying I know enough to know the variables here are mathematically/statistically/scientifically really hard to measure and then compare.

Price and Value

Get Your Ice Cream at Austins All Year Long,  Visit Battlearium.com and find out the cost of entertainment in Huntington.
Austin’s Ice Cream in downtown Huntington.

Should We Value Everything in the Same Way?

This is a question I could answer for you, but the reality is that you as the customer make that decision. This is why capitalism is awesome! You get to choose what you value, and nobody makes that decision for you.

Now, let’s take that concept of capitalism out of the arena of choice and into the arena of cost.

Here’s the deal… What you find expensive might not be what I or your neighbor find too costly – especially if either of us really want it.

Value has little to do with the amount of money you make or where you fall into the whole socio-economic strata. It has more to do with what you want. It has to do with what I want or what your neighbor wants.

Time and money are a huge factor, but a heart’s desire is way more powerful. This is why advertising companies play to your heart and emotions rather than your intellect, logic, or the reality of your pocketbook.

How You View Cost.

How you view the cost of something goes directly to the Culture of Value you have developed in your life.

Let’s face it, as American’s we basically do what we want and we find a way to pay for it if we value it.

This crosses all socioeconomic boundaries. Example: Some of the poorest people I know, pay for Cable television. Some of the richest people I know don’t and visa-versa.

I once knew a kid who lived in a crappy apartment with 5 friends because he had “no money” but he proudly wore a Rolex watch he bought with his own money.

Why is this?

The Culture of Value.

What’s the formula for value and fun?

The Culture of Value is hard to explain. People much smarter than I have written about it. Let me break it down for you … it deals with whether you “desire” an object or service or there is a “good deal” or whether something “has worth” in your mind.

All of these things rush through your brain when you make decisions.

In your Culture of Value, the pricing of one thing compared to another could be a huge influence. The service or experience you get is definitely part of the equation in your mind and heart.

What drives your decision making is also connected to the amount of time it takes you to make a dollar and the time it takes you to spend a dollar.

The value proposition presented to you and how it is presented to you also make a big difference in your decision making process.

Social factors are also influencers. Probably much more influential than we like to think – ie: keeping up with the Jones Family.

There are a lot of factors that play into this thinking about what is valuable enough for you to spend your money on.

What is too expensive when it comes to entertainment is a tricky proposition because it is just different for everyone.

So let’s apply what we have learned here to entertainment in the Huntington area.

Download this PDF.

In this PDF sheet on activities and pricing, I’ve tried to stick to showing the total amount it will cost a person to be entertained, the number of minutes spent being entertained, and the cost per minute.

By doing this, you, as the consumer, can try to make educated choices about what entertainment options you choose based on the time and money you have available, what is interesting and exciting, and gets at your culture of value.

Note: If you read the downloadable PDF closely, you will see my bias. There are certain businesses my family likes and frequents. There are also certain business owners that are just more available and genuinely nice people.

A Few Things I’ve Learned

  • We have a lot of entertainment options in this area. There are CRAZY amounts of things to do here. Don’t ever let anyone say, “There is nothing to do in Huntington.” That’s just not true, and this article and the attached PDF prove it.
  • When you look at the cost of an entertainment experience by the cost per minute, it is quite interesting and makes you realize how inexpensive things really are for you as the customer.
  • To a business, I can tell you everything in this area is priced appropriately and ethically, and the prices are a lot better than what you find in a big city. Nobody regionally is trying to gouge you! These are, for the most part, local people trying to make a living. Their mark up on their costs are what you should expect.
  • What is too expensive? I don’t know. After evaluating all the experiences on the list, I can tell you they are all appealing and worth trying. There is nothing listed in the PDF that is too expensive when compared to another. We’re talking pennies, nickels, dimes, or even quarters per minute and the experiences are all so different and unique it is hard to really make that call beyond just a subjective opinion.

The Information Provided Here…

Please note that the information collected for this article won’t show directly on this page, because the spreadsheet is just too big for your mobile device. I’ve turned it into a PDF that you can download, save, or print.

Honestly, the PDF looks great on a computer but I know you’re looking at this on your phone or tablet. Try and print the PDF. It is really a good time to go over with someone else and think about all your options.

Share With Your Friends.

As you download and interact with this information, I would ask you to share it with your friends and family — everyone you know.

The more people who read this, the more traffic each of the businesses listed here will receive. It would make my day if you worked on doing all of the things on this list in the next year!

Fun Things to Do in Huntington WV Downtown
The value of being together has no price.

The one thing I’ve learned in all my conversations with local purveyors of entertainment is that the business of entertaining people is not easy and the profits are not that great.

Nobody in the local entertainment business is trying to gouge customers. They are doing something they love and they want to share it with you!

So, if something is too expensive for you and doesn’t fit your culture of value, just move on. The business person doesn’t need to hear your opinion on social media or to their face or on Yelp.

Undermining someone’s business is just not cool.

The best way to make your case is to just avoid that business with your dollars. Don’t be that “guy or gal” on Facebook or other Social Media, with an opinion based on your feelings – especially after reading this article.

These businesses are operated by your neighbors – regular people who are trying to generate an income by providing something for people to do with their free time and extra dollars.

If your Culture of Value doesn’t match up with what they are offering, just move on. Lord knows there are other options. Do what I tell my kids… always be kind.

If I missed your business in the downloadable PDF, and you legitimately provide entertainment in the region, Email me so I can add you!

I didn’t miss you on purpose. You are wanted on the list!

Thank You!

Playing Archery Tag with Family
Fun with friends and family!

Whether or not you agree with this bad-boy article, thanks for reading it. It took a lot of my free time to put together.

I hope you have as much fun exploring these businesses as I do, did, and will!

More importantly, the goal of this article is to get you and your family and friends out into the community and spending some of your hard earned dollars on things you and your family will remember forever.

Remember, as motivational speaker Tony Robbins says:

“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.”

That is certainly true in this part of WV!

Enjoy the age in which you are living and the opportunities you have for entertainment. Your days are short and your family time won’t last forever. Not every community has so many options.

Make the most of what you got!

Thank you for reading about the cost of entertainment in Huntington and the Region. Do let us know if this is helpful to you!