Teams, Rosters and Information

Our inaugural season is here. You asked for it and now you have the Foam Dart League Schedule of Games in Huntington!

All the players have registered. The teams have organized. The schedule is done. Now, all that is left to do is PLAY! This page has everything you need including your team, roster, and Foam Dart League Schedule.

Please use this page to plan your league time. Your coach will be contacting you each week to make sure you know when your games are being played. If the coach feels like you need extra practice, he/she can arrange that time with the Battlearium staff.

Wonder How to Play?

Here’s what NERF did with their league a few years back. Ours will be similar but with a few twists. Watch the video below:

YELLOW Team Roster

  • Coach Terry Lilly
    • Runyon
    • Maxey
    • A. Neff
    • Hatfield
    • S. Neff
    • Stump

RED Team Roster

  • Coach Bradley Burck
    • Brown
    • Burck
    • Hanna
    • Franks

BLUE Team Roster

  • Coach Julie Davis
    • McCormick
    • Napier
    • Swisher
    • O’Keefe
    • Davis

GREEN Team Roster

  • Coach Cari Burck
    • Merritt
    • Ch. Nauhman
    • C. Nauhman
    • Wolford

Foam Dart League Schedule of Games

Schedule for Nerf League in Huntington

Download This PDF of The Foam Dart League Schedule of Games

A PDF of the league rules is available for you to download, print and use.


How are we going to play and what are the rules oof the league? These are good questions. All the rules are presented in this article titled Foam Dart League Rules.

More about the Battlearium

If you would like to know more about the league or simply just playing at the Battlearium, please give us a call or a text at 304.208.8057. We would love to hear from you.