Here is a list of everything fun to do in the Huntington, WV area!

Download the PDF and look at all the details – including Cost Per Minute (CPM) of fun!

We have all heard it said before… “There is nothing to do in this area. Huntington is boring. Our area has nothing. We’re lame. Blah, blah, blah!”

Enough with the downcast and ho-hum people. After hearing that stuff for 20 years, we decided to challenge that hypothesis and see if it was true.

What we found? Anybody saying this area is lame doesn’t really have their finger on the pulse of what’s cool, fun and available to do in the region.

Holy Smokes there are a lot of things to do that are fun and cool!

Download our PDF file showing every activity in the area, the cost, website, and Cost Per Minute (CPM) of fun. You will be surprised at how long the list is and what is actually available for people to do in this region.

Fun in Huntington West Virginia.  Download this PDF and see every activity in a 60 mile radius.
Download This Sheet of Activities in the Huntington Area

Some of the things to do in this area are really unique. Example: Us! – The Battlearium – we’re the only Arrow Wars facility in a three hour radius. But there is SOOOOO much more!

Some of the activities listed are expensive. Some are not! We’ve included the free things you can do too!

Also – what you think is expensive might actually be cheaper than going to see that lame Hollywood movie at the theatre this weekend.

Most of the entertainment businesses in the region are owned locally. Next time you’re thinking of going to the movies, download this list and do something fun and local that helps our local economy. The people in Hollywood don’t need your money.

Make sure to check out the list we made of Fun Things to Do in the Huntington Area!

If you have suggestions on what we can add to it, let us know! Text us at 304.208.8057.