Looking for a couple of fun things to do with your kids in Huntington?

I’ve got a list of suggestions for you. Now, you don’t need to do all of these at once. Pace yourself and take it all in. I want you to consider spending the whole day downtown. If you can’t, just pick a few of these ideas and make a great afternoon of it. The goal is to have a super fun day with your kids in Huntington!


One of the things I love to do is take my son to Quicksilver to play video games. I have introduced him to all the games I loved but was never very good at when I was a kid. He now loves Dig Dug, Tron, and anything pinball. For some reason, he doesn’t love, or even like, Jungle Hunt. I don’t understand why!

Here’s how Quicksilver works….

You, as the adult, buy a drink (anything you like) at the bar. You carry it around with you to the different games. There are places to set your drink at each game. Your kids go with you and you all play video games.

The majority of the video games are free to play. The pinball games are regular price. Quicksilver is inside Pullman Square on the second floor across from Roosters. It is a great place to hang out and spend an hour or so with your kids. Do note that the children with you need to be supervised (don’t let them run wild). After 8pm, children are not allowed at Quicksilver so plan the timing of your visit accordingly.

Come to the Battlearium

Plan a Day in Huntington

Inspired by my son’s 10th birthday at the Archery-Arena in Cincinnati, the Battlearium features Archery Wars (think dodge ball with bows and arrows), Tactical Laser Tag, and Foam Dart Battles. When you come to the Battlearium, pick one of those games and play in the arena for an entire hour.

Your time will be supervised by a referee who will take you through a number of mini-games like Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, Free for All, Infection (Zombies vs. Humans), and more.

You will have a blast at the Battlearium. You will leave knowing you spent an intense hour. Your adrenaline will be pumping and you will leave with a smile on your face (at least that’s our staff’s goal).

Austin’s Ice Cream

Get Your Ice Cream at Austins All Year Long

Imagine it… the best homemade ice cream you you have ever eaten! Now go try some from Austin’s Ice Cream at the Market. Austin’s has been around for a long time with their main shop in Ceredo, WV.

They have about 50 flavors available. Grape is my favorite. I have a great picture of my daughter at age 2 (a long time ago) with grape Ice Cream from Austin’s all over.

This is a fun place. It goes without saying, the staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. Know this, they give you samples when you ask and the scoops are really nicely sized. Go there. You won’t regret it. The calories will be worth it.

See the Tug Boat Art

Artisans Express Boats

For a limited time, there is a great public art display in Huntington. There are 39 painted fiberglass tugboats on stands all over the downtown. See them all! You can get a map of where each boat is located from the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The walk around town looking at the boats is nice. My kids like to find the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital logo on each of the boats. Some are hidden really well! Get out there and see them.

Catch a Movie at Pullman

When you’re downtown, take in a movie at the theatre at Pullman Plaza. They always have the best movies, the seating is newer than most theaters, and catching a movie downtown is fun because when it’s over you walk out into a flurry of downtown activity. It makes you feel like you are part of something bigger all around you.

Eat at Peddlers

Playing Pool at the Peddler in Huntington

We love duck fat French fries! Plus, we just love burgers! Peddler is a quirky little burger joint and 3rd Ave that serves some seriously good fries and other tasty food. They make all kinds of burgers that are really noteworthy. The staff is young, mostly tattooed, and pleasant beyond just the casual ordering interaction. The owner Drew is always around, and he is the nicest guy you will ever meet!

If you like to shoot pool, Peddler is the place for you. When we go there, we like to shoot pool. Upstairs there are video games. Surprise, we think they are cool! That should be a trend you notice in my writing by now. We go there because we like the burgers and fries but there is so much more. The setting is urban and cool, and when you eat there you know you are there for good food and the experience.

Plus a Whole Lot More…

In conclusion, there is a whole lot more to do downtown than I can write about. There are a lot of fun things to do with your kids in Huntington! As you can imagine, I could go on and on but I won’t. Do look into the Pottery Place, Paint and Sip, and the Inner Geek and so much more. Pack your little ones up and bring them downtown and spend the day. You will see my Huntington is one of America’s Best Communities.