Yes, we have Gift Certificates available for purchase.

Our Gift Certificates make great gifts for the people in your life you want to surprise or simply just make their day.

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Three Types Available

  1. A Gift Certificate for 10 People to Play in the Arena for 1 Hour!
  2. A Gift Certificate for 4 People to Play in the Arena for 1 Hour!
  3. A Gift Certificate for 1 Person to Play in the Arena for 1 Hour!
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Things You Need to Share

The person you’re giving this Gift Certificate to needs to know a few things about their gift.

  1. They need to book their time online at Battlearium.com. The minimum size of a group must be 4 people.
  2. Make sure they know they need to sign a waiver before they play. That can be done online on our waiver page.
  3. We recommend you share this article with them so they know exactly what they’re getting into with your gift. We call the article Everything You Need to Know.

Thank You!

Thanks for making Battlearium your choice for Gift Certificates. We recognize their are lots of opportunities out there. We appreciate it!