Bring Your Family and Have So Much Fun!

Battlearium Provides Family Fun Activities Near Me or You or Us.

Are you looking for some family activities near me – or – you – or us! Now there is something really fun to do with your family to bond and come together? If so, Battlearium has what you need! We’ve been helping families bond through play for the last 2 years. The results have been fantastic. There is nothing better than dropping a Nerf Dart on one of your family members to remind them of your love! Okay – not really – but the adrenaline rush that comes with it really creates a bonding time.

Family Activities Near Me in Huntington West Virginia - The Chang Family Having a Great Time
The Chang Family Had a Blast When They Came to Visit!

We have made a list of every activity in the region you can do with your family. Check out this list. There are so many opportunities locally.

If you don’t like ours, check out the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s list.

Family Activities Near Me in Huntington West Virginia - Sample of Entertainment Costs in the Area

We want to encourage you to come and visit and play with us!

We will make it worth your while. You will have sooooo much fun! If you play on Wednesdays, we have a special discount for you. If you want to play on the weekend at full price, we have times available but you need to lock them in about 8 days in advance so you don’t get locked out.

Battlearium really is your best bet if you want to get together as a family.

We have a special on Wednesday nights where people play for $10 each. We require a minimum of 4 people. If you want to book this make sure to use the code:


Use this code when you go to book your time at Battlearium (Wednesday’s Only).

Note: This does not apply to Birthday Parties or other activities. This discount is specifically for families booking a time of 4 to 9 family members. If you family is bigger than 9 people, please call us at 304.208.8057 and we will adjust things for you. There is nothing better than family playing together.

Let us be a part of your family bonding time!

Family Activities Near Me in Huntington West Virginia = Nerf Party - Friends Play Archery Wars