This review is only based on my opinions about the best Kid’s Birthday Party Places I’ve been with my two children over the years. Both my kids have weighed in heavily on this article too! 

These suggestions are in no particular order.


Pump Up the Fun

Classic inflatable place! Who hasn’t taken a little one to this place? If you’re the parent of a kid under 6, just expect to spend a lot of weekends there going to parties. 

Play some time at Pump Up the Fun

AMP Athletics

This place does a good job with birthday parties. It isn’t their focus, but they have space to have a good party, and the gymnastic floors let your kids just run wild!

Check out AMP

Bozi’s Gym Nest

The smell is very gym-like, but the kids like to run wild here. The staff is nice. My kids have always enjoyed Bozi’s better than AMP.

Birthday at Bozhi

Pottery Place

What would Huntington be without this little treasure? Go there. Have a party. Make something cool. Lots of interaction with people. Huge thumbs up! My middle schooler and high schooler still smile when they get asked to go.

Pottery Place is a Good Time

Heritage Farm

This place isn’t on anyone’s radar, but they have a cool meeting room that seats about 200 people. Plus you could arrange to have basket-weaving lessons or learn how to throw a tomahawk. They also have a petting zoo! This year they just added an adventure area that goes through the woods.

Plan your party at Heritage Farm

Billy Bob’s Wonderland

Classic Huntington place to go. Everything there is a little unloved and feels like it is managed and run by high school kids who are just clocking in and out. All that to say – you have to go to a birthday party there. My son LOVED Billy Bob’s when he was young. It was always a treat to go there. Plus the place has everything – food, entertainment, and great parking!

Party at Billy Bobs

Strike Zone

Bowling with bumpers! It doesn’t get much better than that. Strike Zone does birthday parties, and they have pizza and other food available to purchase. Check out their website for party packages!

Strike Zone Birthdays

Ginos Pizza on 5th

I cannot tell you how many times we went to this place with my kids when they were growing up. They loved it. It was dirty, dank, and the pizza is OK, but they were unfazed by all that. They liked that they had the run of the place and the tickets from the game machines flowed freely. There is a LOT of seating, and it is a unique Huntington venue. If you want to have a party, this place could be your home. 

Gattitown in Ashland

Whew – this place is about as nice a family fun center there is in the region. They have a birthday party room and lots and lots of games. They even have bumper cars, which are a BLAST! The pizza and the rest of the food is passable. Fun place for a party!

Gattitown Birthday



Note to the reader: This is my wife’s joint, and you are reading this article on the Battlearium site, so make sure to appreciate the bias. 

This place is the BOMB! My wife opened it after we drove to Cincinnati to Archery Arena for my son’s 10th birthday. We played Arrow Wars for the first time and totally fell in love with it. Then we asked ourselves, why in the world would we have to drive to Cincinnati to do this?! Finally we agreed we could open one of these in Huntington – so we did! 

For your child’s birthday – your group will play in the arena for an hour and then you get the party room (seats 32) for 50 minutes after you play. Make sure to pick one of 4 game types to play during your hour in the arena – Arrow Wars, Foam Dart Battles (NERF), Tactical Laser Tag, or Dodgeball. Your time in the arena is supervised by a referee. Everyone who plays loves it. Plan your party with my wife and her team … you will have a blast!

Best things near you


This place is family-friendly until 8 p.m. in the evening. They have a lot of video games and pinball machines. They serve food – pizzas, hot dogs, etc. I know they’re doing birthday parties now. Make sure to check out their site.

Play video games for free at Quicksilver

Foam Garage – Hurricane

I have not been to this place yet, but I’m an avid follower on Facebook. It simply looks AWESOME! Imagine a room full of bubbles – like a giant bubble bath. Check out their site. What they’re doing is unique and cool and deserves your attention.

Giant bubble bath

Lost Escape Room

Located in downtown Huntington, this is the first and best escape room in the region. They do things right! They take birthday parties. When you’re done, walk next door and have the rest of your party at the Market. 

Lost Room's are all the rage. Try the one in Huntington

Tickers and Timbers OR Axes and Os

They’re new in town but rocking it. Tickers and Timbers has an escape room, and you can throw hatchets there too. Axes and Os is all about axe throwing. An age restriction is in place, so make sure to check out their website for all the details.

Throw an AXE in Huntington for the win

Roller Skating Rink

Did you know that roller skating is ALL THE RAGE with middle schoolers these days? Well – you need to know it’s back and cool, and Huntington has a few places you can go for your party. Make sure to check out Rolla-Rama and Skateland!

Skateland Parties

GR8R Gaming

This is NEW and cool! They have the latest XBOX and Playstation set ups and you can play a ton of games. They host parties!

GR8R Gaming is amazing!

What about adult birthday parties?

This article is on Kid’s Birthday Party Places. I have little information on adult parties. Most of the adult birthday parties I’ve attended have been in private homes or businesses. That being said, I do think the following venues are pretty cool:

  • Any of the pubs in town

Wondering About Costs?

There is a fantastic little article on our site that lays out the cost per minute (CPM) of fun at all of these places and more. Make sure to check it out.

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Thank you! We know you have a lot of choices for Kid’s Birthday Party Places Huntington area and surrounding region! Come and see us soon!