We love Ladies Night Out!

Ladies Do Archery

There are times when friends need to just get together, hang out, and talk.  The stereotypes of a Ladies Night Out always include dressing up and going out on the town. 

What if we turned that stereotype on its head and had a Ladies Night Out that started with shooting bows and arrows at each other for an hour and laughing the whole time. 

Now you can call your friends and say, “Let’s do a Ladies Night Out and start it at the Battlearium and go from there and see where the night takes us.”

Two Ways to Get Your Fun On

Laser Tag for Girls Night

When you come to the Battlearium to play, you can do it two ways:

  1. You can just show up and play – as long as there isn’t a private party booked.  You can text 304.208.8057 to check. 

Note: you have to pay for a minimum of 10 people to use the arena for a private party.

After your time in the Battlearium’s arena is over, you can just hang out for a bit and catch your breath and freshen up if you like.  Downtown Huntington will be waiting for you.  Grab dinner and drinks at any of the great restaurants downtown, maybe walk across the street and see a movie, or head to Starbucks for a coffee.  The options for what you do after your time at the Battlearium are endless.

Make your plans early or just be spontaneous with your lady friends.  The important thing is to get downtown and start having fun.  Our aim at the Battlearium is to make sure your time with your friends is one you remember and that you will talk about for a long time.

What You Should Know

There are a couple of things to know before you come to the Battlearium that will make your experience excellent.  Know what you want to play.  You pick one of our games: Archery Wars, Tactical Laser Tag, or Foam Dart Battles.  Our trained referees will take you through a series of mini-games.  Sign your waiver before you arrive.  We do have kiosks you can use but doing it before you arrive on your phone, tablet or computer is always best.  Bring a pair of sneakers with you.  You need shoes you can play in and playing in sandals or bare feet is not an option.  We have lockers you can store your things in while you play.

On behalf of our team, I can tell you for a fact that we are excited to have you come down and play. We look forward to your Ladies Night Out!