Plan a Laser Tag Birthday Party at the Battlearium!

Spend your laser tag birthday with us at the Battlearium in historic downtown Huntington, West Virginia.

Our Tactical Laser Tag system, arena, and games are unlike anything in the region. We don’t crowd you into strange rooms with neon colors or strap all kinds of gear to your chest.

Friends play tactical laser tag at Battlearium
Play with a modern laser tag system.

We use state-of-the-art laser guns and headsets and huge monitors to allow you to see your stats as you rack them up. Our arena is 3,000 square feet of open play. You arrange the barriers how you want them.

Here’s how your party will work…

You book your party of 10 or more people online. We charge $180 for 10 people to play in the arena for an hour. Yes, an hour of play! Our referee for the game will run you and your party through a series of mini-games like Team Domination, Gun Game, Infection, FFA, Team Death Match, King of the Hill, and more.

If those game names sound familiar, there is a reason for that. Our gaming system is built on the ideas you have seen in Call of Duty and Halo.

Shoot a modern laser tag blast in games like Domination
Play LIVE ACTION games from HALO and Call of Duty at Battlearium.

When you book your Laser Tag Birthday at the Battlearium, you also get our party room for 50 minutes. Bring you own food, drinks, chips, and whatever else you want. We don’t require you use specific food vendors.

Our goal is to make your party a blast! We do that by making the check-in process easy, your time in the arena amazing, and your time with your friends and family relaxing and fun.

If you have questions, we will get them answered for you. Make sure to read our article titled, “Everything You Need to Know.” If you still have questions, give us a call or text at 304.208.8057.

We look forward to hearing you and doing whatever you need to make sure your Laser Tag Birthday is exceptional and one you will remember for a long-long time!

Fun playing Laser Tag at Battlearium
Come and have fun playing Tactical Laser Tag.

Book a Group of 10 to 12 for Tactical Laser Tag

Book a Group of 4 to 9 for Tactical Laser Tag