We have a minimum age to play requirement in the arena.

In order to play Foam Dart Battles (AKA Nerf), we have a strict requirement that players be at the youngest 5 years old. We ask parents to sign a legal waiver showing their children are 5 or older. For Tactical Laser Tag and Arrow Wars, we require players to be at least 7 years old.


There are a number of reasons for businesses to have age requirements. For Battlearium, the issue is two-fold.

  • Insurance – our insurance only allows players over 5 to play.
  • Physical Strength/Coordination – to a person, most children who are 5 and younger can not prime (load and cock) the Nerf Blasters we have in stock. Children who get frustrated by their inability to use a blaster have a terrible time at Battlearium. We are in business to give people a GREAT time.
  • The reason you need to be 7 or older for Arrow Wars and Tactical Laser Tag has everything to do with physical strength and coordination. Most kids have trouble with our bows and arrows. They just don’t have the strength or coordination to use them. The Laser Rifles are just too big for anyone under 7 to handle.

But, My Kid…

Yes, your child is special. We totally get that. Our children were young once too. We always celebrate children and their unique gifts. The rules remains the same no matter the child, and we ask that you to respect our rules. Our basic rule is that your child needs to be a minimum age of 5 to play. Come and play when your child is old enough. We want you to come and play. Believe us – we are pros at this stuff and your child will have a much better time when they are 5.

Legal Waiver

We require everyone who plays in the arena to have a legal waiver on file. We have noticed a number of people “fudging” information on their waiver. That’s not a good idea because it puts you in a terrible situation of lying on a legal document. Make sure to fill out your wavier before you arrive at the arena. It will help get your child into the arena much faster.

If you’re child is 5 Plus, We Want You to Come!

We have a number of articles you can read to plan your Birthday Party with us. Make sure to read the article Everything You Need to Know so you come ready to play.

If your child is under 5, we have a list of really great places you can go to have a party. When your kid hits the magic age of 5, let us know. We will be ready to celebrate with you.

We know you have a lot of options!

Thanks for thinking of us! If you’re ready to book a Birthday Party or come and play with a group of 4 or more people who are 5 years or older, please visit our Book Now page.