Bring your birthday party to the Battlearium

Bring Your Own Nerf Guns Or Use Ours.

The Battlearium is your place to do a Nerf Party with your kids. Our arena is 3,000 square feet of padded glory. We supply the Nerf darts – both regular and Rivals. Our party rooms seats 32 people sitting at our 5 nicely sized tables and even more space for parents to stand around and chit-chat.

You only pay for the people playing in the arena. To book a private party of 10 in the arena is $180. That private party gets you one hour in the arena and 50 minutes in the party room after your time in the arena. Additional players are only $15 each.

Weapons You Can Use

Nerf Party - Friends Play Archery Wars

We stock a lot of different Nerf guns you can use. You can use ours or bring yours.

You play what you want to play.

We had one birthday party recently where the parents didn’t allow Rivals to be used. Some of the kids brought their own guns. Most used the guns we provided. It was a serious battle of regular darts.

Likewise, we have had only Rival battles and sometimes we have battles where both types of Nerf darts are used.

We provide thousands of darts in the arena. The people in your party will never lack for darts. Here’s a great thing about our parties – YOU DON’T EVER PICK UP DARTS! That’s right, when your time in the arena is over, you just walk away and leave all the darts on the floor.

Have Your Nerf Party Here

Your time in the arena will be guided by one of our referees. The referees job is to try and keep your Nerf party goers safe, to lead them through a series of mini-games, and to make sure everybody walks out of the arena with a smile on their face.

That’s our goal – we want your party to be one that is remembered for years and years and years.

Bring Your Cake, Food, Pop, and Chips

As a parent, I can tell you I’m wildly annoyed when I go to places and they force you to buy their food and drinks. We don’t do that at the Battlearium. Bring whatever you want for the party you are hosting.

If you want to order Pizza or Chinese or something else, do know that we are centrally located downtown so everybody in town will know how to deliver food to your party.

Lots of Space and Easy Parking

One of the great things about the Battlearium is that we have a LOT of space for your party. If you are going to have a big group, give us a call or text and we will work with you to make sure your Nerf party is a huge success. Our number is 304.208.8057.

When you come to the Battlearium, parking is EASY! The parking garage for Pullman Square is a block away. If you need to deliver food or unload party supplies, give us a call. There is an easy way to do it, and we will tell you how . We want to make it really easy for you to get your stuff into the building.

Come and Play with Us!

Imagine with us, having the best Nerf party yet!

Think about having a birthday or any kind of party that your child will always remember. Let us help you make these things happen. We want to do it, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.