You Will Have a Blast Here!

There are a lot of fun things to do when you are looking for a fun day in Huntington, West Virginia. If you ask me to plan your day for you, I will recommend you doing the following things because they are really unique to Huntington, give you a flavor of the new hip/urban scene that is budding in downtown, and the businesses are locally owned and operated.

Now – if you do this day – you will spend some money. Don’t write back to tell me this day I’ve planned is too expensive for you. Eating out and entertainment are always going to cost you – especially if you are out all day. If you can’t afford to do all these things, pick a few of them to do. Enjoy as your budget allows. I also know that this plan involves consuming something like 8,000 calories. Just know that you will work some of them off and the experience will be worth whatever pounds you gain.

I just want you to have some great places to visit in downtown. Get out there and enjoy all that Huntington, West Virginia has to offer!

Eggs for Breakfast at Butter it Up

A Healthy Breakfast in Huntington

Start your day with a healthy breakfast at Butter it Up in the new downtown Huntington Market. They make about as good a breakfast as you can get anywhere in Huntington. I personally like their omelets. Their bacon is very good too! Here’s the deal, Butter it Up uses local vendors, grass fed beef, and is just about as good as eating at your grandma’s house back in the day. Oscars just down the road in Barboursville is my second pick but the idea for this article is to present an experience that doesn’t force you to get into a car and drive everywhere. I’ll save that experience for another post. There is just something cool and unique about being with your family or friends and not having to get in and out of the car and driving everywhere.

Artisans Express Boats

See Art on Public Display

A fun day in Huntington really starts with a viewing of the art on public display. After breakfast, head to the Convention and Visitors Bureau and get a map showing all the Artisans Express Tug Boats. These are the locally painted boats that are on display all over downtown. There are 38 of them. Follow the map and check out each of the boats. There is a great little game connected to these boats. They all have the Hoops Family Children’s Hospital logo on them. Some of the logos are really well hidden. See if you can find all of them. This is a limited time showing of public art. The boats go to their owners and leave downtown in mid October.

Snacks at Tulsi

Get Your Snack Break On

Now, a walk all over downtown looking at these boats should generate an appetite (even after a big breakfast) so head back to the market and grab yourself a snack at Tulsi. Why Tulsi? All their food is healthy and natural. They have a great selection of cookies, chocolate, crackers, and some refreshing drinks.

Enjoying Your Friends or Family

Next walk the block to Pullman Square and visit the Pottery Place and spend an hour or so painting a piece of pottery. This is a calm and relaxing experience. The staff is really helpful. It is always a good time! Pottery Place is a great place for kids and an even better place to take a date. Painting pottery forces you to sit and talk and it is a wonderful experience.

Backyard Pizza is the Best

Where to Take Your Lunch in Huntington

I recommend that you take your lunch at either the Peddler or Backyard Pizza. These two places are right next to each other. The Peddler is burger heaven and sells great craft beer. You can get a burger anyway you like it with anything you can imagine on it. The duck fat fries are worth the visit so make sure to get an order of them.

Backyard Pizza is a specialty pizza place and the setting is really eclectic. The interior design was done by a couple of local artists who run a business called Ackenpucky. If you are into cool places, this is one of them. The pizza is excellent and so is the service. Go there. You will like it!

Play video games at Quicksilver

Afternoon Fun at the Arcade

After lunch head on over to Quicksilver and play some old school video games and some new pinball games. Quicksilver makes their money when you a buy a drink so make sure to drop some money there.

Quicksilver has some really fun games including Dig Dug, Tron, Jungle Hunt, Mortal Combat, Star Wars, and just about anything you would have seen at an arcade when you were a kid. Most of the video games are free. The pinball does take quarters to play. You will easily spend an hour or more here. Let the games take you back to an easier time.

Do note that kids are allowed under close parental supervision until about 8pm. After that, no kids.

Always Good in the Afternoon

After you’re flush with success at the arcade, stroll back to the market and get yourself some Ice Cream at Austin’s or coffee at Butter it Up or maybe even a cinnamon roll at Dang Good Cinnamon Rolls or a really small donut at Peace Love and Little Donuts.

Plan a Day in Huntington

A Must Do Experience for a Fun Day in Huntington

Before you even think about going home, you have to come see our place of business and tell us how your day went as you are registering to spend an hour at the Battlearium. When you register, you will choose a game: Archery Wars, Foam Dart Battles, or Tactical Laser Tag.

Once you choose, our team will take you into the arena, get you equipped for battle, and run you through an hour of mini-games that are action packed, adrenaline-pumping, and so much fun! We play Free-for-All, Team Death Match, Zombies vs. Humans, Kick the Can, Capture the Flag, our version of live Fortnite, and so much more…

We pride ourselves on our great referees and really cool equipment. Our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face, your heart pumping at a healthy pace, and you saying, “I want more!”

Plan for a Great Dinner

Dinner is one of the best things you can plan to do in downtown Huntington. If you like a great steak or high end fair and wine, you should go to the 21 Club in the Historic Frederick building. There are a number of other places I recommend too. You could go to the Cellar Door, the Bistro, Black Sheep Burrito, or Bahnhof.

Calling it a Day

That’s a fun day in Huntington!

There are also a large number of small shops in Huntington that I would be remiss not mentioning – especially if you like to shop. One variation of this plan is to shop in the afternoon. Hit Old Main Emporium, Kenzington Alley, Wrights, and all the shops in the Market.

After your dinner, if you’ve still got energy left head on over to Quicksilver and play arcade and pinball into the night.

Nobody can say there isn’t anything to do in Huntington.

The schedule presented here is about as interesting as you would get if you drove to Cincinnati or Columbus for the day. Enjoy Huntington! Downtown has a lot to offer and it is just getting better. Come on down and see us. This list is only a sample of all the great places in downtown. Stop in all the shops and check them out. You will be surprised at what you find in one of America’s Best Communities.