Arena Play and Event Room for a Kids’ Party!

The time has come! You need to plan a kid’s party in Huntington, West Virginia… GREAT! Your work just got easier because of Battlearium’s excellent party spaces.

We are here to help you. The way we work parties is that we provide the space and you provide the food, goodies, and decorations. Your kids will play in our arena for an hour. You will choose the game they play. It can be Arrow Wars, Foam Dart Battles (think NERF), Dodgeball, or Tactical Laser Tag. When the kids are done, they will get to spend 50 minutes in our 32-seat party room!

Birthday Party for Middle School

What’s it cost?

To plan a party, the cost is a minimum of $180. That $180 gets you 10 kids in our arena playing for an hour PLUS the party room for 50 minutes. If you want to add to the number of people playing in the arena, the cost is just $15 a person. People who just come to watch and not play are free. Our waiting room is big enough to watch and properly social distance, and our party room is huge. 

How do you lock in your kids’ party date and time?

To book a party go to our booking page.  If you have trouble booking online, make sure to call or text us at 304.208.8057.

There are a number of things you need to know about playing at the Battlearium. 

  • Arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Shoes are really important!  Don’t show up in flip-flops or Crocs or boots.
Birthday fun with family

Book a Kids’ Party in Huntington Below.

Thank you for thinking about Battlearium for your Kids’ Party in Huntington, WV!