Battle with a Bow and Arrow

We call it Archery Wars!

You may have heard about it as “combat archery” or “archery tag.” This is the same general idea, only with our own spin on the activities, games, and rules. How is Arrow Wars played? Simple — it’s a combination of three other sports: dodgeball, paintball, and archery. You will form teams, use a bow, and shoot large foam-tip arrows at your opponents. To avoid injury, you are required to wear protective face masks and use bows with less than 25lb draw weight. The basic game rules closely resemble dodgeball. The game begins with a number of arrows in the center of the arena. At the whistle, players race to collect them, before firing them at one another across the playing field. A player is eliminated if struck by an arrow, and a player can bring an eliminated teammate back into play by catching an arrow.

Duration: 1 Hour

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