Spread out in our 3,000 square foot arena for the best kind of socially distanced birthday!

Are you looking for a way to celebrate a birthday and properly social distance? Battlearium is the perfect venue for you to make your party happen.

Welcome to the Battlearium! We are a 3,000-square-foot arena for Foam Dart Battles, Arrow Wars, Tactical Laser Tag, or Dodgeball. You choose your game. Pick one, and your group plays for a full hour. A referee will coordinate all your games.

Our games require you to stay away from other people.

Naturally Social Distanced Birthday Party at Battlearium
Our games require you stay away from other people.

Naturally socially distanced for You!

Being close to someone in our arena doesn’t work out in your favor. Here’s why: If you put 10 people in a 3,000-square-foot area, they won’t be close to each other. Referees (who wear masks) supervise all games and make sure your group is properly socially distanced.

This is a private birthday party for you!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • When you book an hour in the arena for 10 people or more, you also get our party room for 50 minutes afterward. 
  • The party room seats 32 people, but if you are socially distancing you can just spread your small group out across the room. 
  • Our parties are private. This means your group will be the only group in the arena!

Want more information?

You can book your socially distanced birthday party on our website or call/text 304.208.8057 and talk with our booking agent to secure your time.

Finally, make sure to read a great article with all the details called Everything You Need to Know that you should read before you call or text. It will answer 99 percent of your questions.

Book Your Socially Distanced Birthday Party Now.

Thank you for considering Battlearium for your Socially Distanced Birthday Party. We know you have a lot of choices!