A Realistic Experience for You!

Our tactical laser tag guns look, feel, and sound real. There are no crazy painted rooms or strange lights in our arena. We have the ability to change the guns to various weapons like an AK47, M4, Grenade Launcher, and more. Each weapon has a laser scope that changes from red to green when you hit your target.

Rifles we use at Battlearium

Our goal is to create a scenario that looks and feels like a real-life scenario or at least something you might experience in a game of HALO or Call of Duty. Scores are shown on two 70 inches screens in the arena. A referee will take you through a number of games like Team Death Match, Team Domination, Free for All, and Snipers.

The Ideal Tactical Laser Tag Scenario

We encourage you to come with a group of friends. If you book a group of 10 or more, your experience will be a private party. Nobody who walks in can join your group. The cost for a private party of 10 is $180. Additional players are $15.

The cost to play is $19.50 per person per hour. You are strongly encouraged to bring some friends with you. Tactical Laser Tag is best played with a group of people – especially friends.

Friends play tactical laser tag at Battlearium

What You Need to Know

We start games at the top of each hour. Sign you waiver online before you arrive. Make sure you wear sneakers to play. This is an athletic activity so make sure to come ready to run and have fun. Also familiarize yourself with the rules. Players need to be 7 or older. The article called Everything You Need to Know should answer all your questions. If not, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page you can review. You can also call or text us at 304.208.8057.

Kids Party in Huntington

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