Everything You Need to Know About the Best Things to Do in Huntington, West Virginia.

If you’re coming to town or new to the area, you should know what great things there are to do when you visit! So here’s the truth that only locals know…

Don’t Go to TripAdvisor.

Don’t go to TripAdvisor and get all the cliché answers for what to do in Huntington. If you’re going to make the trip, make it worthwhile. TripAdvisor will send you to museums, parks, and stadiums first. But many times, these suggestions don’t make sense because of how little is going on. All their recommendations are fine (and we like them and the owners!). Heritage Farm and the Huntington Museum of Art are really special places that make Huntington great, but there is so much more this area has to offer! 

Trip Advisor’s Algorhythm Misses So Much of the Great Stuff in Huntington and the Region.

Let’s Be Honest…

When you go somewhere new, you want to do something you will remember — that gets your heart pumping a bit — that you can brag about when you get home to your friends — and, well, that will give you a seriously cool-looking picture for your social media page.

You need the inside scoop on what to do when you’re here — something fun, cool, and unique!

When You Come to Huntington.

Now, when you come to Huntington, you can encounter lots of “cool things, places and people” in one visit to downtown. Make sure to read the following articles on the Best Things to Do in Huntington, WV. There are more options, of course, than what’s listed here, but let’s save that for your next trip.

Make sure to read our long list of things to do called, 100 Things to Do in Huntington Before You Die and Fun Things to Do with Your Kids. A few others are The Cost of Entertainment and Plan a Fun Day in Huntington.

Start at Battlearium.

Battlearium is in the heart of the city. Let it be your hub — meaning all the best places to eat are within walking distance of this site:

Peddler (burgers), Backyard (pizza), Roosters (chicken), SIP (wine and fancy stuff), Fuel (healthy salads, and so much more. Seriously, Thai, German, Indian, Greek, Mexican, Italian — are all within a few short blocks. Starbucks is even across the street (note: a better coffee shop called Butter It Up is just as close, and the money you spend doesn’t go to Seattle!).

Next Up…

Plus when you’re done, you can do other things like visit QuicksilverLost RoomPottery Place, Paint and Sip or even the movies at Pullman Square (none of which even rise above the line on TripAdvisor’s lame listing of things to do).

Park on the street or park in the Pullman Square parking garage. If you’re visit on a Saturday, you don’t have to fee the meter. Parking in the garage is just $1 for 3 hours.


Yeah — it’s only the place where you can shoot arrows at your friendsfoam darts, and lasers, or even catch a game of dodgeball! Yes – DODGEBALL! The arena is 3,000 square feet of fun. A ref can take you through a bunch of mini-games (think Halo- or Call of Duty-type games). You play for a full hour – so come ready to run (or at least hide).

Battlearium is your place to laugh, smile, and have a really great time. After the hell we’ve all been through with COVID19, you know you need to do something like this to ease yourself back into the brave new world.


  • Plan a time in advance — inquire ahead and make sure there is room: Call/text 304.208.8057. Advanced reservations are required. Walk-ins aren’t a thing.
  • Playing requires a minimum of 4 players. Believe me, you don’t want to play with fewer than 4. It tends to be boring and requires too much running with only 2 or 3.
  • The cost is $19.50 per person. That’s about the same amount you would pay per person to sit on your butt, eat bad popcorn, and drink an expensive soda at the movies. It is pretty darn close to what you would pay if you bowl three games at a bowling alley … or really anything else you might do in an hour of your free time.

Do this!

Call a few of your friends. Tell them to meet you at Battlearium. Call and make an appointment … then come on down and make the most of it. You will have a blast!

Our Final Tip!

Hey — another tip — the Trip Advisor recommendations are pretty lame. I wrote an article outlining everything you can do in the area. It is comprehensive and highlights some of the best experience in the area. And yes, the museums and parks are included. If you really want to know the scoop, give my article a read: The Cost of Entertainment in Huntington.

Make Sure to Download the PDF.

Make sure to download the PDF to get the information you want quickly. It is a comprehensive list of things to do and how much they cost (broken down by the minute). You can ignore the lengthy article. It is basically a capitalist’s manifesto on cost, value, and how you should think about spending your resources on things that don’t amount to much on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Enjoy our fair city!

This article will connect you with the Best Things to do in Huntington, West Virginia. Let me know your thoughts on the best things to do in Huntington, West Virginia.