Laugh, play, and have fun with a ton of things to do near me (you)!

You hear it all the time in this area…  Perhaps you have even said it before, “there is nothing to do near me!”

Or maybe you’ve even said, “There is nothing to do around here!”  

Now we have put together the top things to do near me (you).

But you probably Googled Top Things to Do Near Me!  So here it is… A list of really cool and fun things to do in this area.

Some of these ideas cost money. Some don’t. Wondering about costs? We have a great breakdown showing all the places you could go to have fun and how much each costs. Make sure to read it.

Remember all of these ideas are as much fun as you make them! So make the most of your time. Get out there and do something!

Play Disc Golf

The Huntington area is a meca for Disc Golf. What’s cool about this game is that it is really easy, mostly free (you do have to buy a few discs), and it is good exercise. There are a lot of places to play in the region. If you need discs, my recommendation is to go to Van Man Discs.

The following two are my favorites disc golf courses:

Disc golf at Barboursville Park on the back 9
Play Disc Golf! It is so much fun!

Laser Tag

Laser Tag is interesting because we have all played before. The game has changed since the last time you played. The Huntington area has three places you can play. They are all REALLY different. Make sure to try all three of these places and see what you like best.

Play Tag with Laser Guns
Laser Tag has Evolved Since You Last Played.

Escape Rooms

Everyone likes a puzzle – especially the kind that you interact with physically and mentally. Escape rooms have been popping up all over the region. Each one is a little different. Check all of them out and let us know which one you like best.

Lost Room's are all the rage. Try the one in Huntington
Escape Rooms are all the RAGE!

Video Games

Back in the day, this is how we used to kill time. We would ride our bikes to the local arcade and play until we ran out of money. Arcades are still around and they are fun to visit. Make sure to check out these three:

Play video games for free at Quicksilver
Arcade Gaming is All Over the Area!


There are so many places in the region to hike and enjoy nature. You should try this activity. It is totally free. Lots of fun and really healthy. Best done in the spring and summer – especially in this area. Try the trails listed here and do your research. You will find some really cool trails to visit and enjoy.

Paul Ambrose Trail
Hike the Paul Ambrose Trail!


So museums are not for everyone and if you’re not really into learning this suggestion would be a big SNOOZER! That being said, the Huntington area has some really cool places to visit and learn about art and history. Make sure you see these places at least once. You won’t be sorry!

World Class Art in Huntington
See a Dale Chihuly When You Visit.

Axe Throwing

New in the area! Axe throwing has become all the rage in the region. If you have never thrown an axe before, that’s okay. All the places who do this teach you how to throw and hit the target. Try it. You will like it.

Throw an AXE in Huntington for the win
Throw an Axe!

Pickle Ball

Pickle ball is like tennis and ping pong all in one. It is so easy to play. Anyone can do it no matter your age or athletic ability. A lot of places are now set up to all you to play. Make sure to check out each of these locations.

Play me in Pickleball
Pickle Ball is a Blast and Anyone Can Play!


Take a picnic at a local park. Enjoy the sun and shade. Pick the right park and you can even do some people watching. If you haven’t seen the back patio at Mt. West Community College, you need to check it out. It is a great place to take a picnic lunch.

Mountwest Porch Behind the Main Building
Take Your Lunch on the Back Patio at Mt. West Community College.


There is a little bit of everything in Huntington for those who are crafty or are just looking for something fun to do to kill a few hours of time. The following are my recommendations but if you do a bit of research you will find other places that do similar things.

Get your canvas and paint
My wife working a canvas to create something great!

Ideas and Changes

If you have changes or recommendations for this article, please email me – Bradley Burck.

I’ll evaluate your ideas and most likely add it when I get free time to work on the site – usually late at night or on the weekend.